Rita Von

We want to be the brand of your wishlists.
Our collections are born from a common inspiration and the choice of a color and fabric palette. Then, we design what we would like to have, and we produce it in small workshops here in Spain.  
Since it was born twelve years ago, Rita Von is and will continue to be a guest brand. But for a couple of years now, we have started creating women's collections with garments and accessories designed to mix patterns and get super special looks for everyday.  
Life and the five children that surround us have led us to also want to design timeless and quality garments for them. Comfortable, fun and ideal children. In addition, very recently, we have started a collection of home textiles in the purest Rita Von style that drives us crazy.  
Rita Von amuses us a lot, and allows us to unleash our creativity. We are lucky to have this wonderful job and we work hard to improve and evolve with you.
With your love and your purchases you fill us with desire and energy.  
We have big plans, this has only just begun.  
Cristina and Andrea